How To

Simple steps on how to buy and sell books using rtexts

To sell:

1. Press the sell button
2. Create a title for your listing
3. Choose a class subject
4. Write a description about your book
5. Set the price
6. Enter in your email address (phone number is optional)
7. Post your listing
8. Wait to be contacted by buyer
9. Meet up to sell the book
10. Delete your posting (check your email)

To buy:

1. Type keywords into the search bar
2. Click one of the listings in the search results
3. Contact the seller
4. Meet up to buy the book

Most Recent Listings
  1. Biochem 10$60

  2. The Developing Person Through Childhood and Adolescence$85

  3. Development Through the Lifespan$70

  4. Pieces of the personality puzzle$35

  5. Econometrics$110

  6. Is Marriage for White People?$7

  7. Between Fear and Hope, Globalization and Race in the United States$7

  8. State and Local Population Projections$7

  9. College Algebra 4th edition by Beecher$40

  10. Write It Review 3rd edition$20

  11. Liberty, Equality, Power: History of the American People 6th edition Vol 2: Since 1863$20

  12. Case Studies in Comparative Politics $60


  14. Vector Calculus Fourth Edition by Susan Jane Colley$50

  15. Chemistry: An Atoms-Focused Approach by Gilbert, Kirss, Foster$30

  16. Physics for Scientist and Engineers: A Strategic Approach Third Edition with Modern Physics + Student Workbook by Randall D. Knight$100

  17. Calculus Fifth Edition by James Stewart$25

  18. Schaum's Outlines Differential Equations 3rd Edition by Richard Bronson$20

  19. Fight Club (paperback) by Chuck Palahniuk$8

  20. University Physics For The Life Sciences$90

  21. General Chemistry (Atoms first a la carte) $35

  22. Macroeconomics Third Edition by Krugman and Wells$40

  23. Using Financial Accounting Information Custom Ed for UC Riverside by Porter / Norton$40

  24. Organizational Behavior 8th Edition by Nelson & Quick$60

  25. bus 108 text $65

  26. Anthropology Books$8

  27. English Books$5

  28. 'Macroeconomics Principles and Policy by Baumol and Blinder$50

  29. Creative Writing$5

  30. Learning Statistics$20

  31. In the Heights$10

  32. Brief Principles of Macroeconomics$5

  33. Political Anthropology$15

  34. Real Women Have Curves$4

  35. ECON/WMST155 Books (and Spring 15' midterm) for sale $15

  36. Cs 008 textbook for sale$25

  37. Econ 105a/ B, econ 181 testbook for sale$30

  38. Bus 104: An introduction to Management science: Quantitative Approaches 14e$70

  39. UCR Clicker TX3100 for Sale$15

  40. Micro-econ econ003$65

  41. Pre-calculus Sulivan $100

  42. Bus 144$40

  43. Econ 105a/b and econ 181 textbook for sale$60

  44. St. Martin's Guide to Writing (9th Edition)$40

  45. St. Martins Guide To Writing$40

  46. Selling clicker $30$30

  47. 3 Required Texts for Cultural Anthropology$45

  48. Using Financial Accounting Information Custom Edition for UCR$55

  49. Campbell Biology Custom 9th Ed. (Bio5A,B,C)$75

  50. History of Life for Geo 3$70