How To

Simple steps on how to buy and sell books using rtexts

To sell:

1. Press the sell button
2. Create a title for your listing
3. Choose a class subject
4. Write a description about your book
5. Set the price
6. Enter in your email address (phone number is optional)
7. Post your listing
8. Wait to be contacted by buyer
9. Meet up to sell the book
10. Delete your posting (check your email)

To buy:

1. Type keywords into the search bar
2. Click one of the listings in the search results
3. Contact the seller
4. Meet up to buy the book

Most Recent Listings
  1. Bus 100W books$70

  2. Organic Chemistry by John McMurry, 8th edition$150

  3. Clicker$40

  4. Research Methods In Psychology 2e evaluating a world of information$80

  5. Molecular model kit$20

  6. UCR ALEKS General Chemistry Code 360 Access$80

  7. Fight Club$5

  8. University Physics for the Life Sciences$200

  9. Oceanography: An Invitation to Marine Science by Tom Garrison . 8th edition.$85

  10. Organic Chemistry CHEM 112 Darling Model kit, $15$15

  11. BIOL 5, Campbell Biology, 9th ed, $50$50

  12. Organic Chem lab survival manual, Zubrick 9th edition, $30$30

  13. College Algebra$30

  14. The St. Martin's Guide To Writing$55

  15. Sex, Gender, and Sexuality the New Basics$35

  16. A World of Ideas$50

  17. Rabbit Hole$5

  18. Stop Kiss$5

  19. Mind Gym$5

  20. A People & A Nation$50

  21. The St. Martin's Guide to Writing (10th edition)$60

  22. A People & A Nation$50

  23. Biology Campbell 9th Edition $50

  24. Precalculus A Unit Circle Approach$10

  25. The St. Martin's Guide To Writing$70

  26. The St. Martin's Guide To Writing$60

  27. Parliamo Italiano (4th Edition)$60

  28. Microscale Organic Lab 112C$10

  29. Microscope Organic Laboratory 122A$30

  30. The St.Martin's Guide to Writing (9th Edition)$70

  31. Differential Equations 3rd Edition Schaum's Outlines$20

  32. Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer$15

  33. Fast Food Nation $15

  34. Silent Spring (The Classic that Launched the Environmental Movement)$10

  35. Biochemistry A Short Course$80

  36. Campbell Biology 9th Edition$80

  37. The Darker Nations by Vijay Prashad $10

  38. The Penguin History of the 20th Century $15

  39. Globalization a Very Short Intro$10

  40. Bedford Handbook 8th Edition$25


  42. Social and Cultural Anthropology-A Very Short Introduction$5

  43. St. Martin's Guide to Writing (9th Edition)$40

  44. CLICKER! Gray and Blue$40

  45. The Penguin History of the Twentieth Century,$35

  46. Primitivism, Cubism, Abstraction: The Early Twentieth Century$10

  47. Modernism in Dispute: Art since the Forties$5

  48. St. Martin's Guide (10th edition) by Axelrod and Cooper$85

  49. Visualizing Technology (2nd Edition) by Geoghan$10

  50. History of Life (5th edition) by Richard Cowen$50